Useful tips on making those New Year’s resolutions stick

More of us this year than ever before seem to be resolving to do things better. It’s that time of year again when for a couple of weeks the pubs are empty and the gyms are full. But it rarely lasts and by mid-January everyone seems to be back to their old ways. Some people, [...]

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The other granny in your child’s life (getting on with the in-laws)

As we get older there are fewer occasions when we are thrown together with people we have nothing in common with. Sometimes, though, this is exactly what happens when families merge. I’m very lucky with my son-in-law and his extended family – they are all lovely – but I know of many cases where things [...]

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‘Tis the season for Christmas adverts

It used to be Christmas films we looked forward to, but nowadays the adverts cause as much of a stir. The John Lewis advertisement has been the subject of much debate. People seem to love it or hate it, with not many feeling ambivalent. Because of the huge amount of attention it’s received, I’m not [...]

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Ensuring children don’t get spoiled

You often hear people complaining that children are getting terribly spoiled and we’re all a little guilty of over indulging the little ones in our lives – particularly at this time of year. But it isn’t the number of presents a child is given that turns them into a bratty nightmare. As long as children [...]

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My Christmas first aid kit for young ones

For many of us grandparents the Christmas holidays are the first time we have small children to stay. It’s enormous fun and rather exhausting in equal measure. As with most things in life, I find that success lies in a degree of organisation. Of course, it pays to check what the children will and won’t [...]

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