Revealed: the funniest April Fools pranks of 2012

I find I have to take everything with a pinch of salt on April 1st, I’m never quite sure whether I’m falling for another April Fools joke. It’s happened before – I almost believed that self-peeling potatoes really had been invented. Here’s a round up of some of the best April Fools jokes I came [...]

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Competitive parents

Is it just me or have the school gates become more competitive than the boardroom? I notice it a lot when I pick up my nephews from school and also when I’m supply teaching or doing playground duty. At one of the schools I work at there is a teddy bear that goes home with [...]

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The most embarrassing things parents and children do

Families can be horribly embarrassing and it works all ways – children can make their parents blush fuchsia and parents can make their children’s toes curl with the things they say and do. Having canvassed my friends old and young here are the things the generations find so blush-making about each other… Children… Very small [...]

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10 best and worst reasons to be a mum

Motherhood – and indeed being a grandmother – is a wonderful gift. In the day-to-day mayhem of looking after children, one can forget that it’s a truly magical experience. So here’s a list of my best (and worst) bits of motherhood… The best 1. Unconditional love – the moment you meet your new baby you [...]

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Will Joanna get a yes on Leap Day?

Great fun in our house right now as a friend (who I will call Joanna) is getting set to propose on Leap Day. It’s rather like the CIA and MI5 rolled into one, as she keeps ringing up, hissing something unintelligible down the phone and then promptly hanging up. It’s got to the stage where [...]

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